Best HGH Pills Reviews

If you think that HGH products are the answers to some of our health problems and the solution to aging, think again. There are a lot of SCAMS in the HGH products industry nowadays because it is becoming very popular. Are HGH supplements just hype or are they truly the answer to anti aging?

I have created this website to help you find the best HGH supplements. Hopefully my HGH reviews will answer most of your questions about Human Growth Hormone and will eventually help you decide to buy HGH or not.


What is HGH?

HGH or Human Growth Hormone is a “recombinant DNA technology” scientifically termed as somatropin. HGH reviewsIt is a protein based hormone that stimulates reproduction, regeneration, and growth.

These Growth Hormones were primarily used to help children who have growth disorders and for grown-ups who are hormone deficient.

Through the years, growth hormones became known to treat obesity and aging. Then business moguls started funding studies related to growth hormones until we now have what they call the “natural HGH.”


What are the benefits of Using Human Growth Hormone?

According to HGH Reviews It may sound too good to be true but as a matter of fact, natural HGH releasers can do all these:

    • Helps increase the levels of our immune system
    • Helps develop cholesterol level
    • Helps increase bone density
    • Helps improve vision
    • Helps perk up your mood and improve your sleep
    • Helps restore hair condition and color
    • Helps decrease excess body fat
    • Neutralizes blood pressure
    • Boosts your body’s healing power
    • Helps strengthen respiratory functions
    • Removes age spots, laugh lines and wrinkles
    • Helps improve your memory
    • Reinvigorates sex life


How can you benefit from HGH releasers?

Since Growth hormones is a protein famous for its regeneration, reproduction and growth capability. The HGH product enhances that capability to combat aging.

If your cells are regenerated obviously you will not just feel young, YOU WILL BE YOUNG AGAIN, hence the idiom “elixir of life”.


The Best HGH Product Of :

#1 GenF20 Plus

genf20 plus
Anti Aging Power 99/100

Ingredient Quality 95/100

Long-Term Results 100/100

Company Reputation 95/100

Safety 97/100

Overall Value 99/100

Medically Proven Yes
1 Year Supply $33.28 / bottle
Side Effects None
Money Guarantee Yes. 60 Days
Best Online Price Check Official Website


I Recommend – GenF20 Plus

According to my personal experience and other HGH Reviews Genf20 plus is a product to look for if you want to buy HGH.

Other than the HGH ingredients this supplement has, Genf20 plus also has these following that can make anti-aging and weight loss happen. These are:

    • Resveratrol
      A powerful anti oxidant that is very popular in weight loss and  anti aging products. It is proven to give you energy and vitality. It has been added to Gen f20 plus to give it a more effective way of making us look young and healthy.
    • Acai Berry
      This is no ordinary berry that comes from Amazon. It has been proven to increase metabolism in a very natural way. It is added to help in weight loss so that customers can get leaner in no time.
    • GreenTea
      It can give you energy and immunity. It is also believe to prevent or cure diseases such as cancer, arthritis, cardiovascular diseases and it helps lower cholesterol.
    • Lastly, the enteric coating for maximum absorption technology
      It allows Genf20 plus to be absorb by our body by up to 80% – 90% unlike the other brands which can only be absorbed by up to 10% – 15%. This technology gives Gen f20 plus a huge advantage over its contemporary HGH releasers.



Why is Genf20 plus my recommended HGH product?

    • Claims and results are clinically backed up
    • Fast Results
    • 60 days money back guarantee
    • Only safe and natural ingredients

Even though there are HGH products out there that promises results and are also backed up by clinical studies – the best HGH for me is Gen f20 plus.

I highly recommend it because it worked for me and looking at its ingredients alone it shows a lot of components to help you with your anti aging and weight loss.

#2 GenFX

Anti Aging Power 70/100

Ingredient Quality 75/100

Long-Term Results 75/100

Company Reputation 75/100

Safety 78/100

Overall Value 80/100

1 Year Supply $33.30 / bottle
Side Effects None
Money Guarantee Yes. 90 Days
Best Online Price Check Official Website


Gen FX, on the other hand, is one of the newest brands in natural HGH that has entered the congested market of HGH brands. This natural HGH releaser is developed by Marabou Ltd and they claim that their HGH exceeded the requirements of FDA and the ingredients come from the highest standards in Laboratory tests.

Gen FX is not a miracle drug or a medicine that will work overnight. It takes essential time to increase HGH level in a completely natural and safe approach.

This new HGH product is safe and legal. They are shipped worldwide and it only takes less than a week to be delivered at your doorstep. Plus if you order a three month supply or more, you’ll get one free box. It’s an additional one month consumption for you.

#3 HGH Advanced


Anti Aging Power 50/100

Ingredient Quality 50/100

Long-Term Results 60/100

Company Reputation 50/100

Safety 50/100

Overall Value 60/100

1 Year Supply $48.33 / bottle
Side Effects None
Money Guarantee Yes. 180 Days
Best Online Price Check Official Website


Please read my HGH advanced review to know more about the good and the bad sides of this HGH product. I have a friend who tried the product and told me all the truths about HGH Advanced…



The Worst HGH Product Of :

#1 GHR1000

Anti Aging Power 2/100

Ingredient Quality 8/100

Long-Term Results 10/100

Company Reputation 5/100

Safety 5/100

Overall Value 6/100

1 Year Supply ~ $40 / bottle
Side Effects Possible Side Effects
Money Guarantee No
Best Online Price Do Not Buy These Pills!


Please do not buy GHR1000 pills since it might be unsafe for your help. Also i was unable to contact their support via email or phone. Numerous reviews say that users are not able to get their money back. Beware…


What are the side effects of natural HGH releasers?

Natural HGH products like Genf20 plus, GenFX, HGH Advanced and  HGH Energizer have no reported adverse side effects. However, some products that have no clinical studies and those HGH products not created by major companies can be dangerous.

Permanent side effects like middle ear infection, increased growth of body hair are some reported side effects related to fake HGH products.


Is natural HGH a SCAM?

Natural Grow Hormone products are not SCAMS. As a matter of fact, they work but the misconception is that they work instantly. It takes at least 3 months, according to experts, for the growth hormones to acclimatize in our body before it can truly regenerate. Consumers who do not understand this, report that HGH products don’t work, which is actually just a misconception.


Important Note

Best HGH Products ReviewsThe HGH products were purposely created to help the aging population. Since most entrepreneurs fail to follow certain Morals or Ethics in their quest to sell their products, HGH products became more of a problem instead of a solution.

Nevertheless, there are HGH products that work and are worthy to be tried and tested.

All you have to know is what those products are and why are they worth a try.

Please read more of my HGH reviews to learn more about the safe and effective HGH products out in the market.


Please keep in mind: supplements that you’ll see in my HGH reviews are proven effective but it requires a Physician’s opinion for you to tell if it is safe.


In my HGH reviews I would advise that you should be vigilant in trying HGH products. Ask an expert or a physician if you are in doubt.

I can provide the names of the best HGH products but I can never check if you have ailments that might pose some future complications.