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There have been a lot of ways on how to fight aging. Did you know that you can combat it semi-permanently? There are plenty of anti aging products to choose from, but most will just give you temporary relief from wrinkles since these creams seem to stretch the skin on your face, leaving it dry and itchy sometimes.

After midnight, it’s long gone and you have to apply it all over again.

Anti Aging ProductsI am talking about wrinkle creams and skin care treatments. I admit that I am never a fan of creams, I am a full grown man with a forged identity and I am not planning to be a metro sexual or anything like it.

But what do I have against wrinkle creams? I don’t like it because the effect does not last and it is clearly a waste of your money.

One more thing, if you are a keen observer, you’ll notice that a person using wrinkle creams may have a younger looking face but the skin on the neck will tell you the real story.

Anti Aging products that work

I brought up something earlier that there are anti aging products that works semi permanently. I am a sensible person and I always look for the root of the problem and solve the very cause of it. So, the first question in order for us to solve the anti aging riddle is: what causes aging?


What causes aging anyway?

Our body is composed of human growth hormones. It is the protein responsible for giving us growth. It is produced by the Pituary gland at its maximum during our Puberty.

We call it growth spurt. We age because the Pituary gland lessens its production of Human Growth hormone at the age of 30.

The decrease of these growth hormones will result to muscle tear, weakening of bones, appearance of wrinkles and baldness. Therefore, Aging is caused by decreased in growth hormone production.


How can it be solved?

Easy solution. Our clinical experts have been doing their job and they were able to somewhat manipulate the peptide I am talking about. There is what we call now an HGH supplements. This is the anti aging products that I prefer.

These supplements were specifically created to help our Pituary glands regenerate HGH. It called Homeotherapy, likes curing the likes.

Smart idea right?

Once we grow old and our HGH starts deteriorating, it will be replaced with the regenerated HGH release by the Pituary gland.Anti Aging Products

I have been using an HGH supplement called Gen f20 plus and my wife also did. And we are just happy to share our experience because it works.

After using for 3 months we can see the result. Her wrinkles disappeared, we felt more energized, sexual desire also increased, our skin got firmer and so on.

There are so many good things that it can do and I am still waiting on more overall wellness.

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Last note about HGH products

These anti aging products are the true solution. But never go beyond reality. HGH is not the “elixir of life” or “the fountain of youth” as most HGH marketers claim. It has side effects and the side effects are permanent.

So never overuse HGH. Remember, I said semi permanent not permanent. So stop using it once  the results can already be felt and are clearly visible.


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