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The search for an anti aging solution that works usually ends getting scammed! More and more anti aging solution products sprout like mushrooms in the market today.

Our desire to stay young drives more money making propaganda about anti aging. These marketers profit because we are led to believe in a lie.

Blinded by our persistent pursuit of a solution to aging, we tend to be irrational.Right now, there are anti aging supplements available over the counter. Are these types of anti aging solution really the answers to our aging crisis?


Is there such a thing as “Anti Aging Solution”?

There are natural products that are proven to reduce the process of aging. This is readily available in the market as “anti aging solution”. Examples of these products are Ginseng, Resveratrol, and Green tea.

For centuries, different cultures have been incorporating these ingredients in their diet because they believe that it will slow down the process of aging.

However, 21st century has more advanced solution to the aging crisis. It is called HGH or Human Growth Hormone.

Now, instead of relying to some natural potions that should make us look young, science has found a way  to manipulate the very reason we age; and that is by allowing our body to regenerate HGH even when it is not supposed to. Thus, this new kind of anti aging supplement came to life.


What is HGH?

HGH is responsible for our growth. These hormones are produced by our Pituary gland. It is produced at its peak when we reach the age of puberty; this is where growth spurts happen.

But the Pituary gland produces less and less HGH as we age making our bones weak, our muscles droop, and our skin sag.


Can HGH combat aging?

With enough supply of HGH, our body won’t age. HGH is the true anti aging agent. It is like the opposite of aging. So HGH can fight aging. Anti Aging Supplements that produces HGH are called HGH releasers.Anti Aging Supplements

These Anti aging supplements will allow the Pituary gland to produce more HGH to repair our damaged tissues. The best example is Gen f20 plus.

It is an anti aging supplement that has the amino acid that would help increase HGH production and it also has other elements such as Resveratrol, Green tea and Acai berry.

Mixture of all those natural ingredients famous for anti aging and weight loss solution makes Gen f20 plus stand out.

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Does it have side effects?

Most anti aging supplements are created in laboratories approved by GMP. And most of them have natural ingredients hence they are suppose to be 100% safe. But, existing diseases might be aggravated if taken without doctor’s advice.


What about scams?

There are a lot of Scams related to anti aging supplements and HGH releasers is no exception. You have to be very careful in choosing what product to buy because there are a lot of fake products out there. The top products for HGH releasers are Gen f20 plus, GHR1000, GenFx, and HGH advanced.



Choosing the anti aging supplement that works is an easy task as long as you read honest product reviews. You also have to check the manufacturer’s reputation and also, common knowledge will tell you that an effective  product  has a lot of reorder rates.

Positive testimonials are also key factors in determining if the anti aging supplement works.

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