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Human Growth Hormone side effects are now kicking in and consumers are starting to look for an alternative. These side effects are slowly tearing down the good name of HGH. Has HGH gotten that bad, we have to look for a replacement?

If so, we have to carefully analyze our options. Needless to say, we still need an effective anti aging so we have to continue looking for better options.


What is better than HGH?

I carefully looked into the list of natural anti aging alternatives. One of the options I am taking a good look into is Resveratrol. Resveratrol can be found in grapes’ skin. This is why wine is said to be good for the heart because Resveratrol promotes wellness and fights aging.

As I look into the components of Resveratrol, it is true that it can somewhat help in anti aging process but it is not as effective as HGH.

It can only promote wellness or give energy but if you are already above 30 years old your Pituary gland still lessens the HGH production and Resveratrol can’t help regenerate Human Growth Hormones.

It may help to beautify your skin or make your face look young but it won’t strengthen your bone nor it can generate muscle mass. In other words, it is not better than HGH and it can’t help much in anti aging.

The second option, believed to be the best option, is Sermorelin. Sermorelin is almost the same as HGH. It is also a growth hormone. Would this be better than HGH?

Sermorelin is a much smaller peptide composed of only 29 amino acids while HGH is a larger unit containing around 191 amino acids. Most HGH haters consider Sermorelin as a better option because it is much safer.

It is much safer because it needs to be administered by a doctor. Sermorelin is only available so far, by injection. It is mainly used by athletes for muscle growth and to enhance the performance. But what if you are not an athlete, what could be the best option?

In my opinion, Sermorelin is no better that HGH. It is not available over the counter nor is it available as a supplement. We also have to keep in mind that most HGH side effects are caused by HGH injections.

Sermorelin still has a lot of side effects which would likely to be exposed in the near future, this is a fact that we have to consider.


 What is my option?

After careful consideration of all options, I would still go for HGH supplements. Side effects only happen is you overuse HGH. Therefore, follow your HGH supplement’s advice. I use Gen f20 plus and I was advised to stop taking the supplement once I see the result.

Usually the result should be visible after six months. So, after six months even if you are not satisfied with the result, you must consult an expert and follow his advice.

But, so far I am seeing the finest results of using Gen f20 plus. However, I will stop using it once I’ve reached six months.

Better than HGH products do not exist yet. HGH supplement is the best solution for anti aging. Just remember to use it properly and eventually, you will reap wonderful results.


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