Human growth hormone treatment is only for people who are growth hormone deficient; it is not approved to be used for anti aging.

The controversies revolving around HGH treatment for anti aging seems to be never ending.


Before you buy HGH, you have to answer some of the basic questions like:

  • What are the truths about HGH products?
  • Are all HGH products for anti aging illegal?
  • Are they all Scams?

At the end of the day, we have to make a choice. We have to make a stand. There is a lot of confusion going on when HGH is the topic.

I think there are two parties creating this fuss: one is the group of marketers who will do anything to make money and the other is the people who made the wrong choice or used the wrong product and made a general statement trying to ban all HGH products.


The Truths about HGH products

HGH products were created to help delay aging. I know this for sure because I have been using HGH and I am proud to say that it worked on me.

As matter of fact, there are a lot of HGH products that work. You can check online and I can guarantee that there are authentic HGH websites where you can buy HGH. Usually the HGH product that works is the HGH releasers.

The truth is when you buy HGH, all you need to know is the number of reorders a certain website has. That is the secret that I can share. The logic is simple, the number of the orders are equals the number of satisfied customers.


HGH products and Anti aging

If you buy HGH for anti aging, it is not illegal. Getting HGH injections without a hormone dysfunction is illegal. These two should never be interchanged because they are totally HGH

HGH products like the HGH releasers are not illegal because their laboratories are approved by GMP. They have clinical test results to prove that their product works.

And their method is simply to allow the Pituary gland to regenerate HGH; they are not necessarily adding HGH in the bloodstream like what HGH injection does.


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So even if you are more than 30 years old and your Pituary gland had ceased to produce  HGH, HGH releasers will allow your Pituary gland continue HGH regeneration.

Since aging only happens when HGH is deteriorating, HGH releasers are the best anti aging agents because they prevent HGH deterioration by regenerating HGH.


Is HGH a Scam?

Buy HGHMaybe some other kinds or methods of getting HGH are scams. But HGH releasers are not scams.

As I’ve mentioned they have an authentic website and usually they offer a money back guarantee. Just be careful with less known HGH products because they are usually the culprits when it comes to Scamming issues.



The premise that HGH should be administered only to people who have HGH deficiency is not entirely right. This is only applicable to HGH injections.

But now that we have the more effective and cheaper way of regenerating HGH through these HGH releasers, I can therefore say that it is safer now to buy HGH.


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