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Human Growth Hormone is a dominant anti aging product in the industry nowadays, but does it really work? Growth Hormone Products are now believed to be the modern “the fountain of Youth”.

However, most users are now having second thoughts on Human Growth Hormone or popularly known as HGH products.

Over the years, news about the Scams and side effects flooded. Some users reported their case in Better Business Bureau. Are these controversies true? Or were they just created to suppress the popularity of HGH?


What is Human Growth Hormone?

Growth hormone – happens to be peptide hormone released via the pituitary gland which induces growth as well as cell propagation. Previously, human growth hormone had been taken out coming from a person’s pituitary glands.

Now, Growth Hormone is currently created by recombinant Genetic make-up technology which is recommended for  various reasons. Growth Hormone treatment has become the center of societal and ethical dispute for half a century.


What are the kinds of Growth Hormone treatment?

1. The once popular Growth Hormone Product is HGH injection. This method is the easiest to understand and has been proven to take effect within a few weeks of use. HGH is manufactured as a serum and then injected in the body so it will be combined in our blood.

The problem is, this process is only approved for people who have HGH deficiency and is not advisable if used as an anti aging  drug. Some unscrupulous doctors are giving the shots to normal people though.

However, there were reports about adverse side effects on the body after a few months of injections. They were proven to be true and the doctor who administered the shots might have overlooked the dosages because those side effects were the cause of HGH overdose.hgh spray

2. The second kind of Growth Hormone Product is HGH spray.

This process could have been plain and simple. Spray the HGH releasers in the mouth, and these HGH releasers should be distributed in the body. It does not need to be digested.

This process should work better than the HGH injection because it is a lot cheaper and it is pain free.

Nevertheless, it has not been clinically proven to work. No doctor or Scientist can say that HGH sprays can pass through the mouth.Growth Hormone Products

3. The most popular Growth Hormone Product nowadays is the HGH supplement. This product should be taken just like the pill, usually done twice a day, and it should allow your Pituary gland to regenerate HGH.

The product itself doesn’t contain HGH; it has some kind of protein that can allow the Pituary gland to produce the needed HGH.

This is the product I use. I it is proven to be effective (at least on my case). I am using Gen f20 plus. My HGH product contains the protein that can regenerate HGH as well as other ingredients proven to help in anti aging like; Resveratrol, Green tea, and Acai berry.

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Some Growth Hormone Products work, if not all. It is our job to look for the product we feel is best suited for us.

One way of determining it is by checking all the ingredients and the dosages, and by looking at the method or the process on how it works with the body.

Lastly, dosages should be checked because overdose is usually the ultimate cause of side effects.


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