Growth Hormone Therapy


The advancement in Science and technology introduced Growth hormone in the market.

But, did you know those growth hormones were once developed to help children with growth problems?

That is true; growth hormone was never meant to be used as an anti-aging drug until recently.

This is the reason why some experts believe that people using growth hormones to fight aging are getting these unwanted side effects. It is because growth hormone was never created to combat aging in the first place.

Growth Hormone Therapy is primarily created to help children with growth problems and adults which are HGH deficient.


So what is growth hormone therapy?

Growth hormone therapy is a long and rather painful process. It takes 3-4 years in treating children with height problems. It is done through injection and most children won’t like this type of sensation that they experience after getting stung by the needle.Growth Hormone Therapy

However, it has been proven that after a month children can get over the pain and anxiety and the shots would seem rather normal for them. Results should be visible after 2 or 3 years of therapy.

Growth hormone therapy should also be administered at first by an expert medical doctor. This is also to avoid misuse or over dosage so as to prevent side effects.


Growth hormone therapy for adults

This treatment is done through by surgery or radiation therapy. The problem for HGH deficiency for adults is caused by a strange function of the Pituary gland. So the solution is rather more complicated compared to the growth problems of some children.

These treatments are approved by FDA and are proven to be safe. But with relation to HGH to treat aging, it has never been approved by FDA.


Is using HGH to help anti aging unsafe?

It is, if not administered properly. But HGH injection has been considered obsolete and people now turn to HGH supplements to help combat aging.

HGH supplements are regarded as safe and effective against aging. It is composed of naturally induced protein and some other natural ingredients to help the Pituary gland regenerate HGH.

The only reason why normal people need HGH regeneration is because the Pituary gland slows down its production of HGH when we reach the age of 30.


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HGH supplements like the Gen f20 plus that I have been using work exactly like a nutritional supplement. The effect should take a least a month. The Pituary gland regenerates HGH to help replace the deteriorating HGH in our body thus temporarily halting our aging process.


HGH therapy and HGH for anti aging Insights

I think the process for HGH therapy is safer since it has been clinically studied. It is specifically created to help children or adult alike with growth hormone problem.

But HGH for anti aging is also safe and effective. I believe that FDA won’t approve HGH injection for an average person since it is not designed for typical individuals.

Think of it this way. Valium is a prescription drug to help cure or to give relief to a person with psychological imbalance but it should never be used by a person with a normal mind set.

HGH supplements are well designed to help in anti aging and if you won’t overuse it there won’t be side effects for sure.


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