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There have been a lot of fuss about HGH. There are excellent feedbacks on one end and there have been frustrations on the other end. Both outcomes actually come from the same substances, so what exactly is the difference?

The root of the problem lies in the products’ methods and processes. We have to face it, there are products created to help deal with the problem but there are also products created mainly for profit. Now, if you have chosen the latter, tragedy is bound to happen.

From HGH injections to HGH enhancers, consumers are now confused on what kind of HGH method works. They have been desperate to combat aging but they are afraid of the reported side effects. Also, since the budget is tight these days, many are considering the cost as a primary factor in choosing and buying the product.


Why do we need HGH?

We need HGH because it is the main component of our growth. Without HGH, we die. It is that simple. HGH production is at its peak during our puberty but later slows down when we reach the age of 30. Thus, the process of aging begins.

We then feel slow, unenergetic, sickly and all the wrinkles start to show up. This happens because HGH within start deteriorating and need to be replaced.

This is where the HGH methods believed to combat aging comes in. Its primary objective is to replace the declining HGH in the body.


Which HGH method is safer?

Although, HGH injection came first, it has a lot of reported side effects. HGH injections are not supposed to be used for anti aging in the first place. It has been developed to help children with dwarfism. Also, FDA never approved HGH injection for anti aging purposes.

HGH enhancers, on the other hand, do not contain HGH. It is composed of amino acids and natural ingredients to help the Pituary gland regenerate HGH. This method is quite slow but it is proven to safe and effective.

Also, the biggest factor that differentiates the two methods is the cost. HGH injections can cause thousands in a month while HGH enhancers are much cheaper. It won’t cost you a thousand in a year.


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How to avoid the side effects

HGH injection’s side effects can be avoided by simply following the dosage. The doctor administering the shots should know this.

However, with the number of cases related to HGH injections, it seems that the doctor’s themselves are not quite careful in giving the shots to their patients.

HGH enhancers can also cause side effects. Since these enhancers will continue to allow the Pituary gland to regenerate HGH as long as you take them, it is possible that your body will have excess HGH.

These excess HGH will be the cause of these side effects. Some may cause unnecessary hair growth and some side effects can often times affect the internal organs as well as your muscles and bones.


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HGH enhancers unwanted effects can easily be prevented though; all you have to do is stop using the HGH product once you see the result. Your body needs only the required HGH, no more than that.

The more you overuse the product the more prone you are to side effects. Just remember that we can only slow down the process of aging, we cannot stop aging.



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