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There is  present danger when you use HGH injections. HGH or Human Growth Hormone is considered the ultimate solution in the fight against aging. But the risks involved in taking these injections are not worth it.

If you are frustrated and tired of anti aging supplements that don’t work, HGH injections won’t be your perfect alternative. It didn’t work for many users in the past years and I am sure that it won’t work for you.

Here in the U.S. HGH injections were primarily used to cure children with growth hormone problems. It can also cure some cases of HIV and can help strengthen bones for patients who have osteoporosis. These are the good things that HGH injections do.HGH Injections

Any other uses of HGH injections are actually considered illegal. However, most athletes still consider the use of HGH injections to increase their performance and this is not without the long term risks.

They are using HGH injections because it is not detectable through urine test.

Some “doctors” also recommend HGH injections for anti aging. And their clients paid for the price; the expensive shots and the permanent side effects.

An HGH injection is not a onetime wonder. It should be taken at least twice a day.

It may give you your temporary desired beauty and zest (as what it also promises), but in the long run you will suffer its side effects.


The common side effects of HGH injections

    • Destruction most typically associated with potassium within the human body which in turn led to various other very severe problems.
    • Hypoglycemia – Growth hormone injections function in opposition to blood insulin inside the body system as well as individuals with diabetic issues or perhaps borderline diabetes sufferers are at higher danger associated with diabetic coma.
    • The particular reactivation involving hidden herpes simplex virus infection.
    • Deterioration of several psychological ailments.
    • Reduced thyroid gland functionality.
    • Thickening of epidermis.
    • Irregular hair growth.
    • Acromegaly – triggered by too much human growth hormone. It generates permanent large extremities which trigger disfigurement.
    • Enflamed breasts in males.
    • Agonizing joint parts.
    • Carpel tunnel symptoms and various other types of nerve suffering.


The Alternative

Instead of using HGH injections, use HGH releasers to fight aging. There are a lot of proven-to-be-effective brands out there and there is no risk for adverse side effects. HGH releasers use amino acid to help the body regenerate HGH.

The method works. After taking the HGH releaser, the amino acid should be distributed in your body until it reaches the Pituary gland (the HGH producer) to let it regenerate HGH again.

There’s one product that is proven to be safe and effective, it is the Gen f20 plus. It has worked for me and I am sure that it will work for you too. It is honest in its approach.

The result should be seen after 3 or 6 months and it is worth it because after that you can stop using it. Then just take it again once your wrinkles start to reappear.

Gen f20 plus worked for me but you should still consult your doctor in order to be sure that your body will not have any kinds of negative reaction to the HGH releaser. You can try it, because it has a money back guarantee, so there’s nothing to lose.

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