HGH Negative Side Effects


Human Growth Hormone or what is commonly known to many as HGH is one of the most controversial topics these days. HGH negative side effects create a lot of confusion and need to be verified.

Fear is the common factor why most people don’t want to try HGH injections nor HGH releasers. An HGH injection is the process wherein HGH is manufactured in a form of serum and it is injected so it will be distributed through the bloodstream.HGH negative side effects

While HGH releasers on the other hand come in two forms; a pill and a spray. HGH that comes in a pill obviously needs to be digested first in order for it to be distributed to the pituary gland (it is where the chemicals interact to make the body produce or regenerate natural HGH).

The HGH spray, on the other hand, is simply sprayed in the mouth and the chemicals will pass through the mouth’s lining then goes to the pituary gland.

But these processes, according to medical experts, can create  HGH negative side effects.

Hype Or Answer?

HGH negative side effectsHGH properties are proven to help children who have growth disorder. This is the reason why HGH was also experimented to help aging people.

Regenerating HGH is also proven to make you younger since the only reason why we age and why our muscle, bone, and skin tissues deteriorate is because HGH is no longer produced by our body after the age of 25.

I may say that HGH is the answer to anti aging but misuse of it can cause more harm than good. For examples, some HGH products taken by athletes are considered highly illegal.

What can HGH do?

Other than the more popular HGH negative side effects, HGH can offer a lot of benefits.

HGH will:

    • Grow muscle fibers;
    • Strengthen your bones,
    • Improve skin tone,
    • Improve libido and sexual performance
    • And more

Bottom line is, it will give you overall wellness

What are the HGH negative side effects?

Agromegaly or abnormal growth of bones and connective tissues, Heart Enlargement, Lower Blood Sugar (can lead to a diabetic coma), Excessive Body hair, and Liver damage are the common HGH negative side effects according to the medical experts.

Can Side Effects Be Prevented?

Yes! All those reported side effects are the cause of HGH misuse and abuse. HGH should be used within 3 to 6 months then when results can be seen and felt you should stop using HGH releasers for about a year. Then the process goes on again.

In that way the HGH produced by the body can be regulated. Those side effects are the cause of too much HGH produced by the body. We only need enough HGH that our body needs, excess HGH are the ones causing us harm.


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Last words

It is true that HGH have negative side effects. However it is also proven that HGH can help us a lot. HGH will repair the damaged tissues we had during the process of aging but once those tissues are repaired the extra HGH will go somewhere else and the result is impairment. We have to be knowledgeable in using this product so we can benefit from it.

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