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Warning: Don’t get ripped off when you buy HGH Online!

There are a lot of reports regarding credit card issues from people who tried to do an online order of HGH.

They say that they were robbed, that they were not aware about the 1 year subscription and that they could not stop the orders and the charges.

They say that in order for them to stop the subscription, they literally have to replace their credit cards.

These reports remains to be verified but I think those reports are true. I have been ripped off before when I also did an online order and usually it has something to do with the credit card (it is not related to HGH though).


So, are HGH online safe? How can we avoid getting scammed?


 How do you identify a fake product?

They are everywhere. Fake products usually are the once who have bigger banners and has lots of promises. Also, once you see an HGH product which is not familiar in HGH forums, typically it is a fake product.

hgh onlineThese products are created not to help but create a problem. They have been created to use as an accomplice to a crime.

Their ads were mainly created to lure the buyers. And, since most people will go for the cheap and the most effective HGH, they are likely to believe in a lie.

Fake products offer fast results and easy steps to achieving the goal.

Plus, once you mistakenly click on the free trial offer, fake products usually enrolls you automatically in a yearly subscription which you are not aware of.

Always check the ingredients and most importantly check on forums and reviews to know what  popular products are out in the market.


Can we still trust HGH online?

Yes we can. The easy solution to this is to simply knowing the right brand. And knowing the right brand isn’t supposed to be difficult. In my case, I just follow what everyone buys.

If I see a product which has a lot of reorders and if it has a lot of positive testimonials, I’d go ahead and also try the product myself.

Yes, I always do that. In ordering HGH online, you don’t have to be the pioneer user of a certain HGH product. You always have the option to observe and follow what most people will suggest because this can actually help you.

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How do you avoid getting scammed?

You can avoid getting scammed if you go for BIG names. Ordering online is different when you order over the counter. In online ordering, you need to rely on the information that the site gives you. Also, you have to trust the testimonials in a certain site.

HGH product with BIG names in the market will always try to be honest because they don’t want to destroy their reputation.

They need to be in the market for a long time. Unlike fake products which won’t last a year in the market, they have all the freedom to make false promises.



Ordering HGH online is not as treacherous as we are led to believe. Yes, there are fake products out there and there is always a risk of getting ripped off.

However, if you are familiar with most HGH products and if you believe in a step by step result you can certainly avoid it. HGH online is the quickest but is also riskier in a way. To put it simply, being practical and sensible in buying HGH online are the only things that matter.

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