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We have been plagued by marketers selling fake HGH releasers. We have to be careful in buying HGH releasers because instead of getting a hold of a solution we might end up with a bigger problem.

Yes, it is true that HGH pills are effective, but is it a long term solution or is it a rip off?

We have to take a closer look at what kind of HGH supplements to buy and what kind of HGH treatments works without side effects.

How Can HGH Help Us?

Our body decreases its production of HGH as we age. HGH is the one responsible for our body’s growth. If HGH ceases to be produced our body matures and it cannot function as it had been years before. That’s the simple explanation of why we age.

Now, as we reach the age of 30 our Pituary gland decreases the HGH production. This is where HGH releasers come in. If we are taking HGH releasers, our Pituary gland will still produce HGH even if we are already in our peak. Hence, it slows down the process of aging.

These are some benefits of HGH releasers:

    • HGH releasers will lessen your unwanted fat while increasing your lean muscles
    • HGH releasers will enhance how your skin looks and also the way it feels
    • HGH releasers will enhance your bone mineral density and will reverse osteoporosis
    • HGH releasers will improve brain power and will sustain your memory even when you are very old
    • HGH releasers will improve your sexual interest
    • HGH releasers can improve your sleeping time HGH boosters can banish your depressions

What Are The Top HGH Brands?

Popular products that offers HGH are Gen f20 plus, Gen Fx, HGH advanced, to mention a few that I am familiar with. These HGH releasers that I mentioned are proven effective because I have tried one of the products and I personally know someone who has tried the other three products that I have mentioned.

HGH ReleasersI will talk more about Gen f20 plus because this is the HGH releaser that I use.

The main component of Gen f20 plus is amino acid and Gen f20 plus has 3 main additions:

The three extra ingredients in Gen f20 plus are Green tea extract, Resveratrol, and the acai berry.

Resveratrol is a kind of polyphenol that assists to maintain us young. It can be found in grapes skin.

Also, it is an extremely strong anti oxidant and this is considered to kill cancer causing cells.

Acai Berries and Green tea are both an anti oxidant and an energy booster.

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These extra ingredients helped me see the results satisfactorily and so far I like the progress. Although it is a bit slow but I guess this is the safest way to use HGH.

Do HGH Releasers Have Side Effects?

HGH pills are created using natural ingredients so they should not have any side effects. Misuse of the HGH products though can cause side effects.

Are HGH Releasers a Scam?

There are some HGH which are created to lure buyers so a number of marketers will easily gain profit from it.

The solution?

Look for an HGH product that has:

  • Ingredient quality
  • Excellent feedback from the customers
  • Good company reputation
  • And my usual gauge on product qualities – high reorder rates


Unethical marketers should not stop us from buying HGH releasers. There are some great HGH products there that can truly help. Just follow my four simple ways of identifying a good product from a fake one.

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