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Human Growth Hormones Scams and Side effects are increasing rapidly at this time. The need to know more about HGH truths is in fact necessary for us to understand the way it works. I firmly believe that HGH, if used in a right way, should be able to help us agreat deal.

There are two reasons why there are a lot of negative feed backs given to HGH products.

  • Fake HGH products produced by unscrupulous marketers
  • Misuse of HGH products


What are controversies behind HGH?

The controversy behind HGH is primarily reports about the side effects. HGH truths uncovered a lot of cases caused by HGH, permanent side effects can give you major problems.

Long term use of HGH is said to aggravate cancer, thicken your skin, cause massive hair growth, and the most dreaded; changes in physical and facial features.

hgh truthsOther than the side effects, HGH is also famous for its very high cost. HGH injections can cost up to $20,000 up to $30,000 a month. And, this should be approved by a doctor.

So, unless there are findings that you need HGH because you have an HGH deficiency, you won’t be able to get those injections.

It is so because HGH injections were not FDA approved to combat anti aging.

Unless, you can find a doctor you know and tell him/her to administer the shots even though the use is mainly for anti aging purposes.

If you can find that doctor he/she usually charges a high price. This is one of the HGH truths that is ongoing until now.


What are the methods in HGH regeneration?

There are three ways of regenerating your HGH levels; through injection, through a pill, and through a spray. These are the HGH truths about the 3 methods.

HGH injections should be the most effective. Why? Because the HGH ingredients is directly integrated in our blood flow. But it is costly, as mentioned above; the price can reach thousands of dollars per month.

And, usually it takes two to three shots per day to be deemed effective. The HGH truth about this method is the one that has lots of reported side effects.

HGH spray is believed that the spray can pass through your mouth effectively. The HGH truth about this method is no clinical evidence points out that this is true. This is probably why no one ever gets the positive results.

Lastly, Through HGH supplement. The HGH truth about it is; it works. How did I know? Because I am using an HGH supplement.

My brand is Gen f20 plus. All I have to do is take it twice a day and my HGH level should regenerate within 3 to 6 months.


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As a matter of fact, I am getting the result now and I can already stop using it. It is advised not to abuse the product. So I will have to use it once my wrinkles starts to reappear but that would be a year to wait.



HGH works. It is only a matter of choosing the authentic product and choosing the right method. An HGH supplements is the most reasonable among the three methods mentioned and well, in fact it is effective.

Just don’t abuse it because it is the main reason why side effects happen when you are using a supplement.


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