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Do you know that human growth hormone is very difficult to manipulate?

This is the explanation why there have been a lot of side effects related to human growth hormone treatment. HGH or human growth hormone had been the subject of a lot of studies focusing on its anti aging properties.

However the question still remains if it can really alleviate aging. HGH is basically created to help children with growth deficiency. Also, it is a good treatment for people who has growth hormone imbalance. But it was never advised by FDA to be used for anti-aging.

Anyhow, human growth hormone products are still popular to help block the aging process.


HGH injections

This is first method to increase HGH production. It believed to be the “fountain of youth”, but only the rich can afford it because it is very expensive.

The process has to be done twice a day and the shot costs as much as $25-$50. Therefore you will be paying around $2000 to $5000 a month or more.

Other than the costs of the shots, you need to find a doctor who has to approve administering it since most doctors won’t allow it unless you are a growth hormone deficient person.

So you also have to pay for the doctor’s fee. On top of that, you have to bear the pain of getting stung with those large needles.

Then, a lot of marketers did some personally funded researches in order to have an alternative to HGH injections. Thus, Human Growth Hormone products were born.


The Alternative choice

The older population who don’t have the money to burn for HGH injections turned to HGH products. Most Human Growth Hormone products are taken like the daily nutritional supplement. This is why some coined it as HGH supplements since it does work that way.

This time, all you have to do is to pop a pill twice a day and it should do the trick. These pills are packed with amino acids and other ingredients to help the Pituary gland release more growth hormones that it usually does.

Once the hormones are regenerated, it will fix the muscle tissues, bones, and overall health of the older people.


What are the popular Human Growth Hormone products?

There’s HGH Energizer, Gen FX, HGH Advanced and Genf20 plus to name a few. These brands are highly recommended by experts and have been proven to give positive results. I am actually using one of the products I mentioned.

I have been using Gen f20 plus for a few months now. And, I am very thankful that these HGH products were created because I don’t have to bear the pain of getting hurt by those injections. Also, it saves me a lot of money and effort.

Personally I chose Gen f20 plus because of the additional ingredients and when I asked around, I found out that there have been a lot of reorders in their site. So, all I did is follow the advice of its happy customers.


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Bottom line

Since HGH is not easy to manipulate, Human Growth hormone products would be the wisest choice to use. Though with these HGH products, the process may take longer but the effects are guaranteed and proven safe.

It takes time for amino acids to settle down in the body thus naturally producing the needed HGH to repair the old and damaged tissues.


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