Human Growth Hormones


The side effects of Human Growth Hormone products are irreversible! What are human growth hormones and why do we need them? They are important components of human beings’ aging process which we can’t stop from happening.

We have been arrogantly knowledgeable about science that we tend to disrupt the natural cycle of life.

But are we really disrupting it?

I guess we are just trying to decrease the level of painful experiences as we grow old. Anyway, no one wants to live long enough to see his/her family members die. So let us take a closer look at what these human growth hormones are all about.


What are Human Growth Hormones?

Human Growth Hormone

Human Growth Hormones or HGH as what is usually called stimulates body development and cell reproduction.

Our Pituary glands produces this growth hormone since birth. HGH production is escalated during our age of puberty and that is the reason why there is what we call a growth spurt amongst teenagers.

The Pituary gland ceases to produce these HGH when we reach our peek. This is the reason why wrinkles and crow’s feet are noticeable when we age. This is the manifestation of weakening tissues because of the lack of HGH.


How can HGH help us?

As mentioned above, HGH is the core component of our growth. Therefore, as long as we have enough supply of HGH in our body we will not see signs of aging even if we are already in our 50’s.

HGH regeneration is crucial if we want to slow down the process aging. Yes, you’ve read it right. We can only slow down the process of aging, we cannot stop the process.

It is likely that more advanced medical breakthroughs will be discovered in the future. But I’d rather say that it is already “unethical” because by doing that we will indeed disrupt the cycle of life.


What are the products that help HGH regeneration?

Products that help in HGH regeneration are called HGH releasers. I would rather talk more about HGH releasers since the other way, which is by HGH injection is nowadays considered dangerous and very expensive.

Human Growth HormoneHGH releasers like the Gen f20 plus are effective and safe. It has so many clinical tests to prove its effectiveness and it has a lot of very good feedbacks from consumers.

Gen f20 plus is in a form of a supplement. All you have to do is take the pill twice a day. Once our body digests the pill and distributes the ingredients in our body, the amino acid will allow the Pituary gland to regenerate the HGH.

It will increase our HGH level even if we are in the age above thirty. This is what HGH releasers do. It disrupts the HGH production of the Pituary gland in a good way.

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Is it safe?

HGH releasers are safe. The only thing to be careful is we don’t want too much HGH in our body because it will cause some irregularities in our body. Like for example, protruding eyebrows or thickening of skin.


Human Growth Hormones can help us. That is a fact proven by multiple experiments. The side effects are related to misuse of HGH. If you are an HGH user, you have to be aware of its effects. Once you are starting to look young it should be your responsibility to stop using it until you feel you need more HGH again.


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